The Country We Hunt:

The Lake the Islands and the Bush. We are located on a 41 acre island in the middle of Shoal Lake which has 75000 acres of island filled water. Having this location, we have equal access to the mainland in all directions and all nearby islands. The mainland to the South West and East are big bush wild country. Very few people have hunted these areas. Further back in there are areas that have probably never been hunted.

The mainland and Islands are mixed bush of pine, birch, poplar and cedars. The terrain is mostly rocky and hills with some swamps and flatlands mixed in.

The lakes far west end runs into Manitoba. We hunt the farthest west in Ontario you can go. Past us to the west is Manitoba parkland, bush and then field country. We will hunt a 15 mile radius from camp but most will not have to travel out of a 5 mile circle.

There are plenty of deer on the islands and mainland. Its just a matter of good scouting by us to determine "choice" spots. We do our homework to ensure your hunt is quality.#