Welcome to Whitetail Camp

Hello hunters. If your after a top quality operation that offers great hunting for big bucks in a remote area of limited hunting pressure then please read all of our website. Most of you only get a trip like this once a year and you should get the best for your hard earned dollars.

We have been offering hunts for the past 7 seasons and our pictures show the success we have. Each year we do our best to put good bucks in front of every hunter. 2012 fall hunts are now in the books and we again had a great year. Most of our hunters are returning so spots will be limited and we expect to be sold out by January again.

We are located in the center of Shoal Lake. This is great Whitetail country that until now has seen very limited hunting. Our area offers big bodied deer in good numbers. We will be hunting islands and the mainland.

We will be offering the highest quality deer hunt in Ontario at very affordable rates. Limited numbers of hunters at 8 average per week and personal and professional attention to each hunter will ensure satisfaction. Arrival date is Sunday anytime. We check in greet and plan the hunt over a welcome bbq supper. Hunting starts Monday early through late Friday. Departure is Saturday morning. Our hunts will be fully guided and more included.

With our dedication to scouting and planning, these will be true trophy hunts. Due to the large numbers of deer we will push for a harvest of minimum 8 points or better. There are lots of 3 1/2 to 6 1/2 year old trophies present. Expect to see deer. Quality deer! With excellent equipment, guides and accommodations and the fact that we will spare no expense or effort, we ensure you the world class hunt you have dreamed of.